Vodafone, in partnership with researchers from the University of Southampton, have finally done created a pair of phone-recharging pants called the Power Pocket shorts. Just in time for the sweltering summer, this pair of jean shorts comes with a small patch of thermoelectric material stitched directly into a pair of denim shorts that simply converts body heat into power.

In a slightly less giggle-inducing piece of tech, Vodafone also has a sleeping bag variant that perfect for recharging phones during camping trips and just playing with your phone in bed.

"Eight hours in the sleeping bag, roughly speaking, will provide 24 minutes of talk time and 11 hours of standby time," Stephen Beeby, Professor of Electronic Systems at the University of Southampton, said in a release. "That's assuming the inside of the sleeping bag is 37 degrees [Celsius]--human body temperature."

[Vodafone via PSFK]

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