For those of you who read this blog and have cats, chances are you spoil them rotten--you've possibly even debated building a kitteh elevator just to make your cat's life easier, haven't you? Well, for those of you with the more energetic kittehs, here's a quirky scratching post just for your beloved feline friend.

The Cat Scratch from SUCK UK transforms your cat's normal scratching post routine into something much more fun to watch, as well as turning your cat into a furry DJ. Instead of the usual tall scratch post, the Cat Scratch is a turntable. The cardboard turntable comes flat packed, with the vinyl being the part the cat can enjoy scratching. It also comes with a poseable arm to make the DJ setup more believable, and the best bit? When a cat starts scratching, the vinyl spins!

As well as being highly entertaining to watch, this is pretty good news for your furniture, as the fact Cat Scratch also moves is bound to hold your cat's attention. However being cardboard, be careful your cat doesn't love it too much and ends up accidentally shredding it.

If you think you're housing the next Grand Masta Kitteh, the kit is just $23 to purchase.

[SUCK UK via Wired]