Sony has revealed it will be filming 25 matches including the final of the Fifa World Cup in 3D.

Sony will captured the action of its camera and then use its proprietory multi-image processor to render the feed in 3D.

The live 3D feed from these matches will then be made available to a number of channels broadcasting across the world, ensuring consumers with compatible TV sets can enjoy the football tournament in 3D.

ESPN in the US and Sogecable in Spain are the first two broadcasters to sign up to offer the matches in 3D. More are expected to be announced within the coming weeks.

Sony also revealed it was planning a "dedicated global 3D public viewing project" that will see the 3D feed of eight World Cup matches broadcast live to a number of cinemas and other venucs across the world.

It is thought the live 3D coverage will be broadcast in 26 countries across the globe.

"The 3D feed from these 25 matches will be made available for broadcast on 3D channels, which can be enjoyed by consumers on their 3D-compatible TV sets in the comfort of their home, almost as if they were in the football stadium themselves," said Niclas Ericson, director of Fifa TV.

"True to our strategy 'From the lens to the living-room', we are actively involved at every stage of the 3D chain. We are very excited to be bringing an entirely new viewing experience to the world of football through our partnership with FIFA," added Hiroko Saito from Sony.

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