Sony is giving consumers that scrap their old analogue TVs in favour of a new digital-enabled TV from the company, up to £150.

The recycling scheme is being fronted by rock star Alice Copper - famous for throwing TVs out of hotel windows - and starts on August 21.

Consumers will see varying amounts knocked off the cost of the TV., The amount will vary according to the size of TV purchased. For example those that purchase a 26in Bravia display receive £50, while those that buy a 46in screen will be entitled to the full £150.

Sony is offering up to £150 when consumers scrap their analogue TVs in favour of new digital screens

The scheme will be available at participating retailers, which includes John Lewis and Marks and Spencer, and has been likened to the recent government initiative that saw consumers receive up to £2,000 off the price of a new car if they scrapped their older environmentally damaging vehicles.

"The campaign itself offers customers the advantages of swapping old for new rather than simply throwing away - encouraging old televisions to be responsibly disposed of," said Matt Coombe , Sony UK general marketing manager.

"Another important element of this campaign is the reassurance for our customers that Sony will help them through the digital switchover. We understand that peace of mind is currently high on priority lists at this difficult economic time."

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