It's Jurassic Park fever. Just last week, the 3D remastered version of Steven Spielberg's dinosaur classic hit theaters. But if that's not enough childhood nostalgia for you, Josh Collin recreated the entire prehistoric amusement park in Minecraft for your virtual touring pleasure.

Josh spent four months building his virtual Jurassic Park in Minecraft based on scenes from the movie. It includes everything from the massive gate to the massive visitor center, and it has mine carts taking place of the Ford Explorers on rails.

Unfortunately, Josh put together his recreation on the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft, so there is no way to download the map to tour it on your own. However, he did put together a YouTube video just over six minutes long that takes you from the opening scenes on the helipad to even more unexplored areas of the island. (It's also free to watch, which is way cheaper than an IMAX 3D movie ticket.)

The only thing it's missing are dinosaurs that move, although you will see some extremely large silhouetted brachiosaurus to make you feel small just like the movie. So, sit back and hold onto your virtual butts for this Minecraft Jurassic Park experience.

[YouTube via Ubergizmo]

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