I love everything about my DirectTV DVR; it lets me rewind, skip commercials, and save any show I want. The only thing it can’t do is record more than two programs at the same time.

Even a TiVo Premier XL can record only four programs simultaneously, but a Promise.tv DVR can record every broadcast channel and saves it for days and days. It doesn’t even need to be set with a particular time period or even a certain channel; it just records everything.

These Promise recorders are only available in the United Kingdom because they only work the nearly 60 Freeview channels--essentially the equivalent of our free, local broadcast channels--that only exist across the pond. After the Promise DVR has recorded everything, you can just go through the list and pick the shows you actually want to watch.

Of course, this requires a lot of storage, which means the price is steep. The cheapest box, Promise Lite ($1900), can only save up to three days of content from “major” Freeview channels like the BBC. Meanwhile on the highest-end, the Promise Pro ($4000) can record everything from the all the Freeview channels for a whole week.

Promise just launched in the London area and it will be rolling out to the rest of the UK. Right now there aren’t any plans to bring it stateside, but we can always hope and pray.

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[Promise.tv via Boing Boing]

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