A survey of 1,541 visitors to PC Advisor's website has found that an astonishing 31.1 percent say they've already bought a 3D TV.

However, when asked 'What do you think of 3D TV?', the largest group - 41.3 percent - answered 'I'm not interested in 3D TV'.

"It's just a gimmick put forward by the TV manufacturers to try and get us all to buy new product. It will go the same way as Betamax video recorders," said PCA forum member Flak999.

"I already wear spectacles as do many others," added johndrew. "Having to wear a second pair over the top is not a choice I would readily make for TV viewing. It may be OK for a cinema on the odd occasion and may be impressive; but in your own home on a relatively small screen I can see no advantage at all."

The answer 'I own a 3D TV' was ticked by 31.1 percent of respondents to the poll.

"You'll all sooner or later have a 3D TV," joked ßeta. "You'll have no choice. It's going to be like trying to find a CRT TV now. Chaps it's called progress."

The remaining 27.6 percent haven't bought a 3D TV, but said they are keen to get one.

"Do I think 3D TV looks good? Yes," said donki. "Will I be buying it right now? No. The technology is in its infancy for the consumer market and will develop and be perfected over the next number of years. The glasses will go (major reason I don't like it), the perception of depth will increase and most of all the technology will drop in price."

Based on 1,541 votes, Jan 2011. Add your vote to the poll, or have your say in PC Advisor's forums.

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