In a PC Advisor poll of 802 website visitors, almost one in five (19 percent) said they 'can't really see the difference' between standard-def and HD television.

"Had it for a year on 40in. Absolutely no difference so cancelled it," reported PCA forum member Kevscar.

Asked 'What do you think of HD TV?', the largest group of respondents was the most positive, with 32.4 percent ticking the answer 'I think it's great!'

"I have a high spec Samsung HDTV and Sky HD," wrote bremner. "HD broadcast are markedly crisper, sharper and clearer than their SD counterpart. Without doubt it is nature programs that stand out the most."

But around a quarter of voters (25.4 percent) said they 'like the effect, but don't think it's worth paying extra'.

"Performance doesn't live up to the hype," declared morddwyd. "I have it on two 32in and one 42in sets, and while there is sometimes a marginal difference on the 42in (the printing on the adverts on the stands in sports programmes is a bit crisper), by and large it's vastly overrated."

As well as the 19 percent who see little or no difference with HDTV, a surprising 8.4 percent actually said they 'prefer normal TV'. This may be a function of price, as skeletal pointed out: "Cheaper/low-quality TVs give a poor picture in both normal and HD. A good normal TV will give a better picture than a poor HDTV."

The remaining 14.8 percent had not tried HDTV when they responded to the survey.

Based on 802 votes, February 2011. Vote in the poll, or have your say in the forum discussion.

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