Meet Pingbot: It's a tiny remote-controlled programmable robot that looks a bit like a bug. And when I say little, I mean it: It's only 38 millimeters in diameter. Of course, what makes Pingbot so pretty sweet is that not only can it bust some pretty impressive dance moves, and you can also make one yourself.

Instructables member "Tomdf" created Pingbot to test his ability to not only put together a funtional robot, but also make one that looks the part too. Secondly, he wanted to make Pingbot as small as he could while still giving it some personality. Pingbot will not only dance around at impressive speeds, but it will also flash its LED eyes, and "sing" a little song to dance to.

The shell of Pingbot's body is made from Durable Fine Plastic--a material that Tomdf says is ideal for 3D printing--and Tomdf designed the bot using 3D modelling freeware. Inside, the tiny robot contains a microcontroller, a programming cable, four resistors, some motors, and a lithium-ion battery to name but a few parts--Tomdf has a full list of what you need and where to get parts for the project. There are also a few household objects you may need to make your Pingbot, like nail polish remover, tweezers, paper towels, and sandpaper.

Once you put one of these flea-like bots together and get it working, why stop there? You could make a little army of Pingbots, and make them all dance to the same beat. I'd certainly rather watch five of these robots jive around a paltform than your typical human dance group, anyway!

Remember: If you don't have a 3D printer at your disposal, there are websites out there that will print your model for you. Check out the Instuctables page to get started.

[Instructables via Adafruit]

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