The successor to Samsung's famed Note range has been unveiled, the Note5, and it will go up against Appe's iPhone 6 Plus when it is released in the coming months. Here we compare the specs of the two smartphones to determine which will be the better buy.

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Samsung has managed to make its phablet shorter and narrower by shaving down the smartphone's bezels.

The biggest change to the Note 4 concerns its design. Old plastic has been ditched in favour of aluminium and glass in a move reminiscent of the Galaxy S6. It is interesting to note the back of the smartphone curves for a more comfortable fit in the palm.

The Note 4 has a larger display than the iPhone 6 Plus, even though it is shorter and narrower.

The System-on-Chip in the Note5 was first introduced in the Galaxy S6 range. It is based on the 14nm fabrication process and our testing reveals it is amongst the most powerful.

An innovation introduced to the Note5 is its wireless fast charging. Replenishing the battery in the S6 via wireless charging would take approximately four hours -- and that's a smaller battery. This represents a significant improvement.

Samsung has not yet revealed when the Note5 will go on sale locally, but pricing is expected to be announced next week.