O2 has launched its Joined Up Customer service, which aims to help enterprise customers "adapt to the changing needs of their customers in the digital world".

O2 says the rising use of mobile technology has fundamentally changed what people expect from brands, as customers can now choose how and when they interact with a business - "instant gratification becoming the norm", it says.

With consumers more likely to take recommendations on products or services via social media channels before making a decision, O2 says this radical shift of power to the consumer shouldn't be feared, but rather looked upon as an opportunity for businesses to grow.

Through Joined Up Customer O2 says it will help businesses deliver new, personalised ways of interacting with customers, with a range of technologies that open communication channels through new apps and mobile services.

One example O2 has used for its offering is its work with retail chain Debenhams. It has provided Debenhams with a WiFi network that allows customers to connect for free to access special deals as they walk around the store.

O2 has also worked with Reading Council to develop a new mobile application to connect young people with the support services and resources available to help them get back into work.

Ben Dowd, business director at O2, said: "With the rise of mobile and social media consumers have never been more connected or more influential. For businesses that get it right I believe this power shift presents a huge opportunity to grow."

The key strands of Joined Up Customer are customer engagement apps and services, data and connectivity, enterprise mobility management, voice and unified communications, and consultancy.

Last week O2 launched a new contract to allow users to choose a new smartphone when they like, instead of having to buy out their remaining tariff contract first.