This week at CES Nuance has announced a product called at Dragon TV, that aims to make controlling your television by voice a part of every digital home. See more CES 2012 stories.

You won't be able to buy Dragon TV, but Nuance is confident that its technology will find its way into upmarket TVs and set-top boxes by the summer, in the UK. The idea is that Dragon TV integrates with your existing EPG to make finding and watching shows and channels easier. It allows you to ask for a programme or channel by name, or even using more natural speech, to call up genres and channels at specific times, for instance.

Nuance was keen to tell us about the way its microphone filters out extraneous noise to focus in only on the speaker who is controlling the TV. This is a development of its in-car technology, Nuance said.
 If your TV is one of the estimated 1.6 billion that will connected by 2014, you'll also be able to use Dragon TV to send text messages and email, a spokesman told us.

"Traditional search on televisions is tedious and outdated," said Mike Thompson of Nuance. "Dragon TV brings an amazing voice experience, similar to what people do every day on their phones and in their cars, directly to the living room."

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