Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will be one of the first 'Virtual DVDs' available from Tesco, the supermarket has revealed.

The concept, which uses Microsoft's Silverlight technology, was first announced earlier this year.

Any consumer purchasing a DVD copy of either Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince or The Hangover, either in store or from Tesco's website, will automatically qualify for an additional Virtual DVD - a digital copy of the film that can be played back on your computer or other device that allows video play back.

The Virtual DVD can be downloaded from the internet using a code included with the disc.

Tesco said the Virtual DVD delivers the same high quality video and interactivity you expect when watching a DVD, but from a Windows-based PC or Intel-based Mac. It also includes all the usual functions such as menus, chapter breaks, audio tracks, subtitles, and extra features along with access to additional bonus features via the internet.

"Tesco is excited to be the first retailer to launch this next-generation movie experience. By partnering with Warner Bros, we tap into its experience as an innovator in the migration of physical formats to digital experiences, and offer our customers a new way of watching two of the biggest movies of 2009," said Rob Salter, category director for entertainment at Tesco.

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