Wearable tech permeates Mobile World Congress this year, and now Motorola has shared details of its plans to jump into the space as well. In a closed-door event, Motorola announced that it has a smartwatch planned for later this year--and "it won't be running Tizen" said Rick Osterloh, senior vice president, in an obvious dig at Samsung's Gear 2. See all MWC news. View our MWC live blog.

"It's our intention to deliver some interesting wearable products this year" said Osterloh, adding that Motorola is focused on a couple of devices at the moment, and hinting that Motorola would leverage much of its always-on sensor tech

"There are no wearable products you actually really want to wear," continued Osterloh. "We're trying solve the problem of style, and make the products much more interesting to wear, and treat it much more like an item of jewelry or clothing."

Intriguing stuff. Motorola, of course, is destined to become a Lenovo property... and so the list of major tech companies lacking a wearables strategy dwindles ever smaller.