Mio Global's Mio Alpha watch is a heart rate monitor you can wear on your wrist. But since it's accurate while you exercise, you should be able to bid a not-so-fond farewell to those sweaty chest straps that take the fun out of fitness tech. See all MWC news. View our MWC live blog.

The Alpha version offers a display to show your heart rate in real time; the brand-new Mio Link band has the same heart-rate-sensing capabilities, but without the display. Instead it indicates your heart rate with a series of lights that get more intense the harder you work.

At Mobile World Congress this week, Mio also showed us a new app called Mio Go that will hit the iOS App Store in March. It pairs to either wearable, displaying a video of a famous or scenic workout: you can ride a segment of the Tour de France, paddle on the Boulder Reservoir, or hike through Patagonia, while you're really at home or the gym huffing away on your treadmill or stationary bike. When your heart rate slows down, the video slows down too, and you have to pedal faster or run harder to get it back up to the proper speed.

Mio Alpha is $199 and available in Apple Stores now; Mio Link will cost $99 when it ships in March.