Just over a year ago, GeekTech covered a DIY project that recreated the self-lacing shoes that Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future Part 2. Around the same time, Nike filed a patent for shoes that "provide a set of straps that can be automatically opened and closed to switch between a loosened and tightened position of the upper". Now, it looks like the real thing is here in the Nike Air Mag.

According to Nike's release, the bottom of the shoes are lined with LED lighting panels, while the rest is made of reinforced mesh. They are also rechargable, and the lights will last for five hours before needing another charge. Nike's logo, placed on the ankle strap, is described as "electroluminescent". In essence, Nike is going for a near replica of the shoes Marty McFly wore. Even better: Nike will donate all net proceeds to the Michael. J. Fox Foundation, a charity aimed toward fighting and curing Parkinson's disease.

But if you want a pair, you'll have to act quickly: only 1500 pairs of Air Mags will be made, and they'll only be available via auction on nikemag.ebay.com beginning at 11:30pm Eastern Time tonight (September 8).

It has also been announced that tonight Michael. J, Fox will be appearing on The Late Show With David Letterman tonight at 11:30PM to make an annoucement, most likely relating to the shoes and his charity.

Check out the video here for a preview of the shoe, or get a little more information on Nike's "It's About Time" event.

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