Apple's WWDC is coming, and so is a new Xbox. if that wasn't enough geeky excitement for you for one day, then you'll want to take a look at your mid-week GeekBytes update. Today's roundup features Mad Men in space (sort of), the cost of being Iron Man, and how the furniture of the future could do away with assembly instructions.

'Mad Men' takes to the skies, writers pitch new NASA show [Florida Today]

The writers behind the hit AMC show Mad Men are hoping to pen a new programm based on the good old days at NASA. The show, reportedly still in the pitching stage, would dramatize the ups and downs of the Apollo program of the 1960s and early 70s. Early information suggests that writers are currently hunting down fimlimg locations for the show around Florida. Don Draper in space, anyone? [via Wired]

The cost of being Iron Man? Quite a lot... [Money Supermarket]

Want to have your very own Iron Man suit? You better start saving. The creators of a light-hearted infographic have attempted to calculate the cost of Tony Stark's adventures in upcoming flick Iron Man 3. The total estimated bill for all the suits, tech, and cars at Stark's disposal comes in at over a massive $10 billion. Admittedly, the infographic includes a lot of guesswork, with jet boots for one suit coming in at $3.8 million. [via Geekologie]

Heat-to-seat furniture, no assembly required [Cnet]

Designer Carl de Smet wants to do away with screwdrivers and confusing Ikea flat-pack instructions and replace them with furniture that needs nothing but a little heat. His alternative space-saving furniture is made from a special polyurethane that can "remember" its shape. When exposed to heat, the relatively inexpensive material will expand, and within minutes it will resemble a piece of furniture.

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