As we're eagerly awaiting the arrival of Android Wear, we're also paying close attention to see what device manufacturers come up with for the official launch, expected to happen later this summer.

LG already gave us a glimpse at its G Watch in a rendered press image, but the real deal looks...rather underwhelming. So far, it's most notable feature is that it has a square display--just like the Pebble, the Sony SmartWatch 2, and the Samsung Galaxy Gear. And in Pocket-Lint's hands-on, it appears as if that's really all that there is to it.

The G Watch was showcased at an event in Weybridge, UK, where Pocket-Lint held the device. It was only a prototype and didn't even have a working version of Android Wear installed, but Pocket-Lint says it was confirmed to them that this was the final design. The photos depict a black, utilitarian gadget. In a side-by-side comparison image, you can barely distinguish between the G Watch and the Gear 2. The wrist strap appears uninspired too, but fortunately you won't be stuck with it as LG has confirmed that it's interchangeable.

We can't fashion any concrete opinions just yet, since we haven't actually used the wearable device ourselves. There have also been no other teasers as to what to expect with the actual Android Wear operating system, or what it feels like to use on a smart watch.

We do, however, know what Android engineer Sagar Seth explained on the Ask a Dev YouTube channel. "Remember one thing: it's not a full-fledged application sitting on the wearable itself," he cautioned. "It is just notifications. It is making the information available when you need it."