LG 49in UB850V UHD 4K TV 2014

LG has unveiled a 49in UHD (Ultra High Definition) TV – the UB850V - which will go on sale later this year for under £2,000. The £1,800 set will bring the 4K resolution within reach of many more people, at a size that should fit into their living rooms. See all TV reviews

Quite whether everyone will notice the extra resolution – which is four times greater than so-called Full HD (1920x1080) – when sitting 10 feet from the screen is debatable. Most UHD sets are larger than this, but as long as your eyesight is good and you can find some 4K content to watch, it should be worth the investment. See also: The problem with 4K TVs

The UB850V will also be available in a 55in version and both models use IPS LED panels. They also support 3D (and come with two pairs of glasses) and have the latest version of LG Smart TV with webOS.

Unlike other smart TVs, webOS doesn’t have apps as such. Instead, LG’s aim is to keep things simple. We got our first look at the UK version of webOS which features BBC iPlayer, Demand Five, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and Now TV. ITV Player and 4oD will be missing when it launches, but LG is working on adding these and other services.

LG Smart TV webOS UK 2014


If you have even deeper pockets, LG’s new OLED TVs should prove tempting. LG unveiled a brand new EA880W Gallery model which is specifically designed for wall mounting. The 55in TV has no built-in speakers, but ships with a Harmon Kardon-designed speaker enclosure which attaches to the wall behind the TV.

LG 55in EA880W Gallery TV 2014

The enclosure resembles a picture frame, hence the Gallery moniker. It has a 100W claimed output and a 2.2 configuration with stereo drivers and twin subwoofers.

It has a standard Full HD resolution and will set you back a cool £8,000.

LG 55in EA880W Gallery TV 2014

If only a 4K TV will do, LG also revealed that it will be launching a 79in OLED UHD model later in 2014. It declined to give any other details, but if you need to know how much it costs, you probably can’t afford it.