In a few short hours, Daft Punk will release its first new single in nearly a decade, and the Internet is understandably abuzz. If you need another distraction to take your mind off the impending release, check out some interesting stories you may have missed on the internet today.

How many snaps does it take to get to the center of a Lego brick? [Phillipe Cantin]

I guess I had just always assumed that Lego bricks, much like Twinkies, lasted forever. The only bricks I ever threw away were the ones that continuously found their way under my feet, but according to Phillipe Cantin and his Arduino-based machine, the actual number of times you can snap a typical Lego piece to another piece before it wears out is 37,112. So keep stacking--you've got quite a ways to go before you can call Lego about any kind of warranty. [via Arduino Blog]

Sega Pluto finally sees the light of day, 14 years later [ASSEMblergames] 

Several companies toyed with online gaming before Microsoft made it a necessity with Xbox Live, but Sega's attempt to become competitive in the field with the Dreamcast never bore fruit. Surprisingly, the Dreamcast wasn't going to be Sega's first online console. A former Sega employee showed up on the Assembler Games forum on Wednesday with photographic proof of a prototype for an online Sega Saturn, dubbed the Pluto. Only two were ever made, and this poster ended up with one of them. Check out the forum posts for pictures of the never-before-seen console. [via Engadget]

Game of Thrones' Daenarys makes a pretty great Disney Princess [YouTube]

How anyone thought to pair such tonally disparate properties, I'll never know, but the results are pretty much the best thing I've seen all day. All of a sudden, I'm super disappointed that this season of Game of Thrones isn't a musical...

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