Despite a fall in demand for flat-panel televisions in Europe, LCD models outsold old-fashioned 'tube' televisions for the first time there during the third quarter.

Q3 sales of all kinds of televisions in Europe dropped by 16 percent year on year, according to market analyst DisplaySearch. However, sales of CRT models dropped faster, enabling LCD models to outsell them.

Worldwide television shipments during Q3 totalled 45.5 million, up 3 percent year on year, DisplaySearch said. The value of those sales rose much faster, up 28 percent to £12.8bn, as demand switched to more expensive flat-panel models. The average selling price of televisions during the quarter was £282.

Overall television shipments grew fastest in China, up 17 percent year on year to 9.4 million. CRT models continued to sell well there, with shipments growing 15 percent year on year.

North American TV shipments for the quarter rose to 9.3 million units, up 8 percent year on year. Sales of CRT models only rose by 1 percent, though, meaning sales of LCD TVs won't overtake those of CRT models in North America until Q4.

As more expensive LCD models make up a greater share of demand, average selling prices are rising. CRT models still make up 69 percent of the worldwide market by volume, but only 26 percent by value, DisplaySearch said.

Samsung now ships more televisions than any other company, according to DisplaySearch. The company's market share by volume rose to 11.2 percent from 10.6 percent the previous quarter, allowing it to overtake LG, which slipped from 11.4 percent share to 9.9 percent. Samsung is also number one by sales value: its share rose to 15.2 percent from 14.6 percent last quarter, allowing it to extend its lead over second-place Sony, with 10.3 percent share, down from 10.9 percent last quarter, the analyst said.

DisplaySearch, based in Austin, Texas, is part of NPD Group.