HD DVD has landed a telling blow in its battle to be accepted in the main stream. A high-definition (and highly illegal) version of cult US science-fiction film 'Serenity' has become the first HD DVD movie to be pirated and made available on BitTorrent.

(Sci-fi fans are geeks, who knew?)

However, as one of HD DVD's selling points is its 'super secure' copy protection - and it's supposed to be impossible to hack - perhaps it's not such good news.

The movie's available as a hefty 19.6GB .EVO file, so anyone who wants to download it will need a pipe the size of the channel tunnel, and the patience of a particularly patient saint.

Last month PC Advisor brought you the tale of a hacker dubbed 'Muslix64' who claimed to have, er, hacked HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc, and placed the hack online as an open-source file.

So, with the sci-fi geeks, the porno industry and hackers onboard, HD DVD can't fail, right?

[via Arstechnica]