Reports of a home entertainment device from Google sounds like an Apple TV without video capabilities, although it may grow on us.

The entertainment device will be designed first for streaming music via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and to connect to other home electronics. Release is expected later this year, and the device would stream music from Google’s online Music service, which was introduced in beta last year.

Word of a Google's is working on a home entertainment device to be sold under its own brand, according to reports in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. The news first surfaced last week when Google filed an FCC application for an entertainment device, and now "sources familiar with the plans" shed some light on what’s coming.

Video, Eventually

This streaming box would eventually be able to also handle video, probably through a later software update. The box appears to be linked to the [email protected] project Google announced last year, which allows with tablets and smartphones to control specific speakers in a home within the network.

Other details about availability or retails are sketchy at the moment, considering Google has kept quiet on the matter. The two reports speculate that Google might be using its Motorola acquisition to build the device, as the company used to make home entertainment systems before.

It’s hard to get excited over a Google music-streaming box though. The device sounds like a Sonos or an Apple TV, but only with music capabilities, and video added to it later via a software update.

Google already has a couple unsuccessful Google TV initiatives out there, and this one sounds just like them, but with Google’s logo on it. You could call it the Nexus line of Google TVs.

It is clear to see though why Google would want to make its own hardware. Apple has shown that by controlling the hardware and software, it can deliver better-integrated products and make high profits not only from content sales, but also from hardware. Google gives Android away for free to phone manufacturers, but if it controls the hardware, it could command higher profits. So far, Google’s main revenue source remains search advertising.

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