The battle between the next-generation, high-definition optical disc formats was an exciting, if exasperating, contest to follow. But now that the smoke is clearing, and Blu-ray has officially kicked HD DVD's proverbial butt, why am I still waiting to buy a Blu-ray player?

More to the point, why are so many of you waiting to buy a Blu-ray drive? (see: Blu-ray: PC Advisor readers hit back)

My colleague forked out his hard earned cash over a year ago so he could be the first on his street to own one, and yet today, Blu-ray players are less than half the price.

Why doesn't my local Blockbuster carry Blu-ray Disc movies? In fact, why are my trips to Blockbuster so infrequent these days?

I'm thinking that Blu-ray, and high-definition optical disc ownership in general, just isn't that appealing. I've watched Blu-ray movies on the best televisions money can buy in various high street stores, and while the picture looks terrific, it just doesn't have me reaching for my wallet the way DVDs did when they were first introduced.

Maybe it's because it's an evolutionary improvement in video quality and not the revolutionary jump that occurred when DVDs overtook VHS tapes.

So I've come up with these four reasons why I, and probably most of the UK, won't be heading down to the high street to buy a Blu-ray player anytime soon.

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