Not too long ago, the good folk over at FireCore updated their Seas0nPass Apple TV jailbreak and aTV Flash (black) to let you keep a number of cool features, even if you're running iOS 5.1. Of course, these were the preliminary updates, so there was still plenty of room for improvement. Fortunately, FireCore kept busy so it could bring you the fresh aTV Flash (black) 1.5 update for the second-generation Apple TV.

aTV Flash (black) is a piece of software that lets you run a number of cool plugins like, RSS, weather, and Nito TV on your Apple TV. It also gives you greater flexibility when it comes to using your Apple TV 2 for storing or streaming music, films, and more once you jailbreak the little box with Seas0nPass. Now, FireCore is offering a tethered update to its software (version 1.5), which brings a number of useful improvements on top of the iOS 5.0 update.

Changes include a player optimized for iOS 5.0, additional supported languages, smoother playback, NFS streaming, subtitle timing (pictured above), and a variety of bug fixes. To see all the changes, check out the changelog on FireCore's website. For those already using aTV Flash, you can grab the 1.5 update from the maintenance menu on your Apple TV.

Unfortunately, there are still no updates to any of FireCore's software that would let it run on the third-generation Apple TV. However, the team does hint that work is underway and an update could be on its way soon, in addition to untethered updates for Apple TV 2 software. Also, the aTV Flash page now allows you to pre-order the software specifically for Apple TV 3.

To get aTV Flash running on your Apple TV (first and second generation), visit FireCore's website.

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