Channel 4 will launch in high-definition on Sky digital in December. Channel 4 will be the first UK terrestrial network to launch a full-time HD version of its channel but, don't worry, you're not about to have Gordon Ramsey's craggy face looming into your living room in HD, at launch Channel 4 HD will transmit only a "proportion" of programmes on its schedule in high definition.

Channel 4 director of new business, Rod Henwood, said: "We believe that increased investment in HD at this stage could help boost HD production for the benefit of producers of Channel 4 programmes who will find their programmes more saleable in the international market."

Or, we're going to launch an HD channel, and make a few high-end programmes in high-definition which we can then flog to the states. But mainly it will just look the same. For now. And at least Channel 4 already has adverts, so you won't get the BBC's 15-minute 'making of' gubbins at the end of all joint productions. Coincidentally the BBC is currently trialling an HD channel on digital satellite and cable TV. Expect a lot of wildlife films.

Channel 4's HD simulcast will initially be available only to Sky HD subscribers. There are plans to make it available on digital cable TV and Freeview in the future.