AC Ryan today showed off its newest media device, the Fluxx, and insisted that it represents a significant departure from the company's previous 'Play On' line of media streaming products.

Referring to the Fluxx as a 'connected media player', Risteárd McSweeney, marketing manager Europe at AC Ryan, told PC Advisor that the device was faster than its predecessors, and offered far more scope as a digital hub.

Unlike the Realtek chipset-based Play On devices, the Fluxx is based on on an Intel Atom processor, the 1.2GHz Atom CE4150, and offers a far more rounded experience - more akin to a fully fledged media centre PC than a media streamer, from the early looks we got at CeBIT today.

AC Ryan Fluxx

The Fluxx features 1GB of DDR3 RAM and hard-drive capacity of up to 2 terabytes (TB).

The Fluxx currently runs a Linux-based operating system (although McSweeney remarked that this could conceivably change in the future, mentioning the buzz around Google's Android OS) and has an attractive tab-based interface designed to help users operating the Fluxx from a sofa and using a remote or portable wireless peripheral.

AC Ryan Fluxx interface

The Fluxx's interface understandably focuses on the media side of things

You can use the Fluxx to access social media sites and view friend's status updates, and you can download apps and widegets to customise the experience.

Intriguingly, McSweeney explained that AC Ryan is working to make 'smart software' available for the Fluxx in the future - software that will analyse the user's photos, for example, and sort them intelligently, or offer music and video content online or on the hard drive based on your choices of entertainment in the past.

AC Ryan expects the Fluxx to be available around June this year, with the exact launch date dependent on deals with content providers and complications related to DRM. It should cost 239 euros for the barebones model.

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