Even if you plan to buy your HDTV online, with the sort of cash you'll be splashing you should check out high-definition television sets in person. Our buying advice can show you how to get the most out of your store visit.

In the market for a flat-screen HDTV to watch films or keep tabs on your favourite footie team? Even if you're planning to shop online for this key element of your home theatre, you should still eyeball sets in the store. Only by checking out the types of content that you watch most - movies, sports events, standard-def shows, or video games - can you evaluate subtle differences in picture quality.

Following are some tips on prepping for shopping, evaluating sets in the store, and, not least, taking delivery. And for additional help, see our flat-screen plasma and LCD TV buying guide as well as our set up guide for HDTVs - PC Advisor's 10-step guide to digital HDTV.

And to get a handle on what the current prices are before shopping retail, be sure to check online pricing. A good place to start is PC Advisor Shopping.

  1. Buying an HDTV: the 10-step checklist
  2. Buying an HDTV: before you go
  3. Buying an HDTV: in the shop
  4. Buying an HDTV: taking delivery