British high-end audio manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins only recently jumped into the headphone business, but the company is already expanding its product line—on Thursday, the company announced new Apple-compatible P3 headphones.

The $200 P3 headphones come in black or white, can fold up to be stowed in a hardshell case, and ship with a choice of two cables—one of which features a remote/microphone attachment for use with Apple’s iPhone. This cable allows hands-free phone conversations and the ability to control music without removing your iOS device from your pocket or bag.

Bowers & Wilkins’ announcement comes after the release of the pricier $300 P5 headphones, which Macworld reviewed in March—and the P3 is aimed at a somewhat more cost-conscious crowd than the P5. Gone are sealed-leather earpads and gold-plated 3.5-mm headphone plugs; the P3 instead has fabric ear pads, and the company says its audio components have been designed “from the ground up” for the new product. (Bowers & Wilkins also offers the $180 C5 in-ear earphones.)

The P3 headphones will be available for purchase in June. The P5 and C5 earphones are already available in Apple’s official online store.