If your child needed surgery on their legs, but took issue with having to use a walker  what would you do? An artist has an excellent idea that involves AT-AT walkers from Star Wars. This edition of GeekBytes also brings some quirky finds from around the web too, such as cats at their worst (read: funniest) and a music video made up of cursors. Yes, cursors.

Stars Wars walker frame makes the perfect distraction [Offbeat Families]

After Stephanie Kaloi's four-year-old son had surgery on his legs, he needed a walker while he recovered. Naturally, he had a slight aversion to using the frame, but artist Ben Dewey transformed it into an impressive AT-AT instead. Not only did it encourage the kid to use the walker, but when Stephanie put it on Reddit, the William Shanter commented on it! [via Laughing Squid]

Cat shenanigans prove all cats are grumpy or plain evil [language NSFW]

While the Internet is a great place to look at cute pictures of cats, there isn't enough representation of what cats are really like. You know, the animal that enjoys coughing up hairballs on your stuff, pouncing and hiding where they shouldn't, and if they're feeling really mean, scratching a victim to shreds. It's also extremely funny caught on camera. Check out the pictures!

Interactive music video makes use of your cursor movements [Light Light]

Musicians, take note: If you really want to gain traction in the online market, perhaps your music video should involve more people surfing the Web. For Light Light, that means recording your cursor's movement as part of music video "Kilo" and putting all the impressions together. The result? A crazy but very mesmerising video...

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