Archos has launched its new Wi-Fi-enabled Generation 5 portable media player (PMP) range, enabling users to stream and download content with or without a PC.

The Archos 405 has 2GB flash memory with an SD slot to transfer digital photos. It also features a 3.5in colour screen offering 480x272 pixel resolution.

The Archos 605 WiFi features a 4.3in touchscreen with 800x400 resolution. It’s available in 4GB, 30GB, 80GB AND 160 GB versions.

Finally, the Archos 705 has a 7in screen and is available in 80GB or 160GB versions.

All three models in the new range can be connected to a home cinema using the Archos DVR Station, which enables you to download content onto the device and then watch it through your television.

The new generation of Archos portable media players even include an integrated TV Program Guide. This makes it easy to schedule your favourite shows to record directly from the TV to your PMP using the DVR Station Gen5 accessory. You can either use the touch control on the screen of the PMP or the remote control included with the DVR Station Gen5 to record from the TV, DVD player or satellite receiver.

Archos has also announced its first UK partners as Arts Alliance Media and Dailymotion. These companies both provide media content that users of the Generation 5 Archos PMP can access using the Archos Content Portal. With the Content Portal users can browse titles and purchase content and then stream it to their TV.

Content providers, such as CinemaNow, available through the devices’ Content Portal, only require a one-time registration. Downloading a movie takes about 20 minutes and you can even begin watching the film straight away while it continues to download in the background. Over 1,500 titles are now available through the content providers that can be accessed using the Archos PMPs.

The DVR Station Gen5 enables Archos products to connect to Windows Media Player 11 on the PC and then move their content to their TV. However as the 605 and 705 include integrated Wi-Fi, content can be downloaded without using a PC.

The Archos Generation 5 devices are the first portable media players with Wi-Fi capabilities and Flash support, enabling Flash videos to be streamed from sites such as YouTube via wireless connection.

The new PMP line also features advanced personalisation via downloadable widgets. A variety of software plug-ins and accessories are available, such as games and weather forecasts to customise your Archos PMP.

When connecting wirelessly to the web a virtual keyboard appears on the screen and you use your finger to move around the page.

The Archos Generation 5 range of PMPs will be available from August and start at £119.99.