Apple has announced that iTunes' US customers will now be able to download television shows from cable channel HBO. Controversially, Sopranos fans will be expected to stump up $1 more an episode than fans of Sex and the City.

The Sopranos will be available for download at $2.99 an episode, while SATC costs only $1.99 a show. Sounds to us very much like Apple jumping aboard the Sex and the City bandwagon and offering cut-price downloads for the most hyped show of the moment.

As you can hardly fail to be aware, the film of Sex and the City had its worldwide premiere in London's Leicester Square last night - an odd choice of venue for a film based on a TV show set in New York.

Apple's HBO show downloads also include The Wire and Deadwood.

Sex and the City isn't the only show being offered via the iTunes US Store for $1.99 a pop - The Wire is also priced at $1.99 an episode. However, this is the first time that Apple has seen fit to make downloads available for different prices, something that the cynics in me reckons has everything to do with the current interest in SATC - a show, let's remember, that finished its original six series run five years ago.

Perhaps I'm just bitter that Apple is only letting US SATC fans enjoy cut-price reruns of Carrie and Samantha's antics.