Apple has denied reports that it's enabled a "backdoor" into the Apple TV which enables the company to prevent unsupported hacks. Since its release, a wave of amateur hackers have taken apart and rebuilt the media-streaming device, some claiming it is, in effect, an Apple Mac laptop PC.

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Reports emerging from hacker websites have claimed that those engaged in attempting to extend the features of the device have seen code they have inserted into the machine disappear overnight. This has caused speculation among the hacker community that Apple can remotely return Apple TV units to factory settings.

Apple is denying these claims, according to popular technology blog EnGadget.

The report explains: "Apple's stance, it claims, is more along the lines of: it's your box, do with it what you please – but be mindful of voiding that warranty."

The report suggests that some hacks may not be staying on the machine because the machine isn't built quite the way the hackers think it is at present. It's also possible that the Apple TV resets itself when it's tampered with.

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