Television-on-demand was meant create a level playing field for TV fans who miss out on their favourite shows – enabling them to pick and choose when they watch programmes rather than being tied to the schedules. In principle, they'll never miss a top programme from the likes of the BBC and Channel 4 again, thanks to the soon-to-be-launched BBC iPlayer and Channel 4's 4oD service.

But TV-on-demand is fast turning into a platform war. The BBC has been slated by Mac OS users for opting to restrict iPlayer to Windows users initially, and now The Guardian has pointed out that 4oD won't support Windows Vista. Like iPlayer, it'll only run on Windows XP and Internet Explorer, according to today's Guardian. That means if you use Vista, Mac OS, Firefox or Safari, you'll have to wait a while to enjoy the brave new world of TV-on-demand.

Like the BBC, Channel 4 has chosen to focus on the OS and web browser most people use – and the lead technician on Channel 4oD told The Guardian cross-platform compatibility is regarded as "the holy grail".

Which makes it sound like it’s some way off.