Alienware has released the Alienware High Definition Media Server, a box featuring 4TB of storage that's designed as a central repository and distribution point for all forms of digital content within the home.

The new high-definition media server, launched in the US, includes four hot-swappable hard drives which can be pulled directly from the front of the device without impacting running media, the Alienware said.

Currently available, pricing for Alienware High Definition Media Server starts at about $5,000 (£2,500) and will increase based on configuration, said Patrick Cooper, director of product management for Alienware, which is owned by Dell.

Cooper said that the product, which is initially being targeted at custom home installations, requires professional experience to implement.

"[The Hi-Def Media Server] is really for the media junkie. It's a very sophisticated product and not one that most novice users would find simple to set up and get working with all the devices in the home," said Cooper.

He said the new server provides remote access from any web-enabled Windows system or Windows mobile device to wirelessly stream and share digital movies, music and photo files from a centralised repository or be sent to other PCs and devices in a home network. The media box offers automated backups and can record up to four different hi-def digital programs across multiple devices at once, said Cooper.

"People want to be able to keep all their data in one place and access it from any place in the home. [The media server] is built around having a device with sufficient storage to house all your music, movies, and be able to distribute that seamlessly and wirelessly throughout the home," he said.
Alienware's previous high end offering holds up to 2TB of digital storage.