Samsung will this week unveil what it says is the first 70in HD (high-definition) LCD (liquid crystal display) panel.

The screen is 5in wider across the diagonal than the current largest high-definition LCD panel in use in televisions, according to Samsung. It also supports so-called 'full HD', which is 1080p (1,080 horizontal lines of resolution and progressive scanning).

The panel won't be available for use in TVs until the first half of next year but a prototype of the panel will be shown this week at the IMID (International Meeting on Information Displays) 2006 technical conference that is taking place from Wednesday in the South Korean city of Daegu.

When it does appear it's likely to put more pressure on rival manufacturers of PDPs (plasma display panels). Right now the largest high-definition LCD TVs are 65in models and anything above that is the province of PDP TVs.

A few years ago this crossover point was around 46in but increased competition in the flat-panel TV market has pushed LCD manufacturers to make larger screens and PDP makers to develop smaller models. The result has been a large portion of the market, from around 37in to 65in, where both technologies compete.