According to a Comet poll that questioned 2,000 people, 47 percent of UK men would give up sex for six months to bag a 50in plasma TV set.

Only 35 percent of UK women would make the same sacrifice, however.

This has to be one of those cultural things, like binge drinking, apathy and throwing plastic furniture around at World Cups. I mean, I can't see sex-mad, beautiful Italian youths giving up the old how's your father for a telly - although a new Vespa and a pair of Ray-Bans might do it.

But we're all Europeans now, and we can agree on some things. Only 17 percent of UK men would be willing to stop watching football to get a 50in plasma. Mind you, given that most blokes want a massive telly precisely to watch sport, this makes sense. There's only so many wildlife documentaries you can watch, hi-def or no. (Although after 'Life in Cold Blood' last week, I'd gladly give up watching football to watch more tortoise fighting.)

A quarter of all Brits would give up chocolate for the TV, and 24 percent would stop smoking for six months to get a 50in plasma.

As I don't smoke, this creates for me both a problem and an opportunity. I'm going to start smoking, in order to stop. Can I have my telly now please?

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