Previous Versions is a particularly useful facet of Vista, but you can get get the same functionality with XP - if you know how.

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Track that

The Previous Versions feature in Vista is, in essence, an extension of System Restore. It's not hard to see how quickly such a tool can become indispensable. Another useful aspect of Vista is its Search, which easily surpasses that of previous OSes. If you're not ready to migrate, upgrade XP's sleuthing abilities with Copernic Desktop Search.

For a combined tool that will track down and organise content stored on your PC – including in some email clients – and on the web, give Blinkx a try. It uses watch folders to dynamically update search results, which is useful if you want to keep abreast of a particular news story or monitor what's being said about a rival company.

Stop seeing double

It's not just on the desktop that you can get yourself in a twist with duplicate copies of files and folders. The same thing can happen all too easily with the web. AM-DeadLink provides the perfect solution, dispensing with outdated links and any unnecessary doubles in your Favourites bar.