Mobile operator Vodafone has announced a new mobile pricing plan for high-volume roaming customers in Europe.

The plan, unveiled this week, is called Eurocall Platinum and is based on the group's Eurocall single-rate European price plan, launched in January 2001. It will roll out to UK customers on 1 November.

The cross-border price schemes have come in response to growing demands from business users seeking lower prices for calls made while travelling around Europe.

Under Eurocall Platinum, customers pay a monthly fee of up to €10 (£6.27), which entitles them to a maximum flat roaming rate of €0.65 (41p) per minute, according to Vodafone. The rate applies to Vodafone partner network customers who, when roaming in the participating countries, originate calls to any country within Western Europe.

The existing basic Eurocall tariff rate is currently a maximum of €0.80 (50p), when the Vodafone partner network is used.

The Eurocall Platinum option comes with a free upgrade to an assisted roaming SIM (subscriber identification module), which automatically seeks to connect customers to the local Vodafone partner network.

Eurocall Platinum, like Eurocall, is a single rate with no peak and off-peak periods.

So far the service has been rolled out to Vodafone customers in Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden, with SFR customers in France to follow on 15 October.