Seeing as much of the discussion on our Windows Vista forum covers incompatibilities between Microsoft’s new OS and users’ older hardware and software, many people might be surprised to hear Microsoft boasting about its progress with Vista drivers.

Nonetheless, Microsoft reported huge advances yesterday – 100 days since Vista’s consumer release. According to the PR blurb, “Windows Vista now supports more than 95% of or 1.7 million devices, more than any previous version of Windows.” Slightly confusing (Microsoft hasn’t got back to us to confirm exactly what it’s saying re: “95% of or 1.7 million devices, more than…) but it sounds impressive.

Apparently, 1,600 new drivers have been added per month since the operating system was released, while more than 30,000 drivers are now available via Windows Update. It’s also now compatible with the top five consumer security suites – a big problem for Vista at launch – together with other major apps such as iTunes (since an update yesterday), Adobe and Shockwave.

We’ve not had many issues with Vista compatibility on the major applications we use in the office, but judging by forum posts, it remains a problem. How are you getting on with Microsoft’s new OS?