Via Technologies has announced that two of its PC chipsets have passed Microsoft Windows Vista Basic certification tests, which are designed to ensure trouble-free installation and driver upgrades.

In a statement, Via said the certification testing confirms that its chips, the K8M890 and the P4M900, will work with Windows Vista Ultimate, Enterprise, Business, Home Premium and Home Basic editions.

PC chipsets are the two chips, known as the Northbridge and Southbridge, that connect a PC's processor to main memory, graphics, audio and other chips inside a computer and regulate the flow of data between chips.

The Via K8M890 chipset works with the full range of AMD Athlon64 processors and AMD Sempron processors, including processors made for the latest AM2 socket. The Via P4M900 chipset was made to work with Intel processors up to the 1,066MHz front-side-bus speed, including the latest Intel Core 2 Extreme chips.

Aside from smooth installation, the certification ensures users can expect the chipsets to support functions that take advantage of some of Vista's new features. For example, both the Via K8M890 and Via P4M900 chipsets carry integrated graphics processing cores, the Via Chrome 9 IGP, which provide DirectX 9.0 graphics support and other enhancements meant to optimise Vista's visual experience. The two chipsets also support for the latest PCI Express add-in graphics cards, giving PC makers the flexibility to add greater graphics power, depending on user requirements.

Both chipsets are available now from all of the world's top motherboard makers, Via said.