PC Advisor can confirm that Panrix has gone into liquidation. We spoke to its administrator, Wilson Pitts, who told us that it went into receivership on 5 June. There have been no offers to buy the company's assets.

Customers were sent letters last Thursday telling them of Panrix's demise and informing they would not be receiving the goods they'd ordered. A number of readers contacted Advisor to tell us they were out of pocket. Both Bob Dean and Peter Thomas ordered computers from Panrix, had their credit cards debited and are now without PCs to show for it.

Mr Dean's credit card was debited by a company called Top PC, which operated from an address in the same road as Panrix. We questioned Wilson Pitts about the connection between the two companies. The administration company said it wasn't sure what the relationship between Panrix and Top PC was, but revealed that Top PC has also gone into liquidation.

Reader Paul Barnes also got burnt by Panrix but, when he placed his order back in May, the signs were already there that all was not well. He was told the company would only take cheque payments, though in the end they relented and let him pay by card. Now, he is another customer left without a computer.

Panrix's decision to move to cheque-only payments was probably motivated by two factors. Firstly, Panrix wouldn't have to pay a credit card company their slice of the payment, typically around four percent. Secondly, it would cut down on big creditors in the event of liquidation and Visa and Mastercard have more clout than a private individual when they try to get their cash back.

So buyer beware: if your credit card isn't accepted, the company might not be as kosher as it seems.

If you are a customer awaiting delivery of a Panrix PC and would like more information please contact the company's accountants on 01482 219 834.