It's not easy finding good help these days. That's why the world's largest contract chip maker has turned to 7-Eleven to help find new chip production line workers.

The TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co) placed application forms in all of more than 4,000 7-Eleven convenience stores in Taiwan this week, hoping to attract 600 new line workers for its semiconductor factories.

It's the company's latest creative venture in seeking new employees. Earlier this year, TSMC worked with Taiwan's railway administration to put company executives on a decorated train car and travel around the island to meet with prospective job candidates.

Finding qualified workers isn't a huge problem in Taiwan, but stiff competition among chip makers, LCD (liquid crystal display) producers and other companies, means they have to be creative to attract the best candidates.

The company had originally planned to hire 3,000 people this year but found that wasn't enough and revised the search to 3,600. So far, the company has hired 2,800 workers, including line technicians and engineers. TSMC want 600 more line workers and a few 100 more engineers.

The company reckon around half of the line workers it will hire this year will be women, and it is encouraging more women to apply for the positions.

Applicants can pick up the required forms at 7-Eleven stores throughout Taiwan, then fill them out and fax or mail them to a career magazine TSMC is working with on the project. Individuals who meet TSMC's criteria will be invited in for interviews.