Computer designs featuring Transmeta's Crusoe processor should be easier to create thanks to its system development kit for its flagship TM5800 processor.

We've already seen the launch of the first desktop computers based on Transmeta chips — NEC's PowerMate eco — though so far this has only reached the US market. But the release of the developer kit could see Transmeta making further inroads on the desktop.

The kit will ship as a working motherboard with an 800MHz Crusoe TM5800 processor and include schematics, design guides, processor specifications and additional items. Designers will also find a 3D video graphics accelerator, ethernet capability, three PCI slots, USB support, and slots for both DDR SODIMM (double data rate small outline dual inline memory module) and SDRAM memory.

Crusoe is based on the x86 architecture and works with several versions of Windows and Linux. The chip is known for its low power consumption, and is targeted at mobile and embedded PCs as well as desktops.

Interested designers can purchase a kit for $995 (£650) from Transmeta's website, or through distributors.