Despite Intel's comments to PC Advisor that its mobile chip rivals were "dead in the water", Transmeta hopes to prove it is still alive and kicking, by releasing details about its latest TM8000 chip. Codenamed Astro, the new processor aims to raise the bar for energy-efficient computing.

The company says: "The TM8000 processor is the next step forward in efficient computing". It continues Transmeta's aim of incorporating as many components on the processor as possible and will feature 400MHz HyperTransport bus, DDR400 RAM and four AGP interfaces on the chip.

By including all three of the interfaces on the chip, the company says the TM8000 can achieve more work per clock cycle, which should allow it to offer faster performance. It has also boosted the number of instructions it can execute up to eight per clock cycle. No doubt Transmeta hopes these enhancements will help it to overcome the performance issues that have dogged its Crusoe processor.

The TM8000 is due to go into mass production in the third quarter of 2003.