The cost of computer games and gaming equipment is often enough to make gamers despair, but from today they will be able to log on to the internet to trade used titles on, a site dedicated to everything games-related.

BidForAGame runs on a very similar principle to other auction sites such as eBay and Amazon, providing reserve bidding, search engines and secure payment. A feedback system allows gamers to view sales histories and comment on the trustworthiness of sellers, while a forum allows shoppers to chat about games, request rarities or ask advice from other gamers.

But users as well as sellers are charged to place a listing, ranging from 15p for products costing up to 99p to £2 for products priced at £100 or more. Reserve auctions, where the seller sets the minimum bid, cost a bit more. An additional five percent of the final bid price is retained by the auction site once the game is sold. Bidding and buying is free.

New and secondhand software and equipment can be easily listed and searched, today you can snap up a PSX2 console with eye toy for a meagre £50.

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