What's the ultimate in geek chic? A PC World survey says it’s a Star Trek teleporter. The computer retailer asked its customers what would they put at the top of their must have gadget list, if money (and reality) were no object.

Strangely enough, while the teleporter came out on top overall, and was also the most popular choice for men, women picked out the memory eraser from Men in Black as their favourite.

The top two choices show PC World's customers are a peace-loving bunch as weapons don't get a look in until number three – the Star Wars lightsabre. Its comparatively low position could be down to the calming influence of the women surveyed, as this was number-two choice for the boys.

While matter transportation was a clear favourite as a means of travel, transport itself was a bit of a theme with the two final choices being James Bond's remote-controlled car and Dr Who's Tardis.

Superman's x-ray vision was an also-ran, but the ability to see through clothes wasn't as attractive as the facility to pull off a quick getaway — make of that what you will. Disappointingly, Woody Allen's Orgasmatron failed to garner a single vote. But with all those gadgets to play with, it's no surprise that sex would be off the menu.

So which gadgets would you choose? We wouldn't mind owning our own Dalek, but you really can't beat C3PO for wit and humour, as well as blind panic in adversity. Let us know what your favourite sci-fi gadgets are by sending us an email.