Time has relaunched the Tiny PC brand it acquired three years ago as a cut-price mail order and online PC supplier of desktops and notebooks. The site will go live on 20th February, replacing the existing one.

Time purchased Tiny's assets, including its brand name, two years ago after the company went bust. Tiny PCs have since been available through Time.

Tiny.com will serve as a cheap one-stop shop for experienced buyers while Time will focus on selling through retail chains such as Tesco and Toys R Us.

By moving its operations online, sharing Time's manufacturing and strictly limiting its marketing budget the company aims to be able to deliver PCs to the same specification as other manufacturers but charge 15-25 percent less for them.

For example, a machine costing £799 from a major manufacturer will cost £599 from Tiny.com, with Tiny taking just £99 profit per machine as opposed to £299 taken by most manufacturers.

"We are relying on huge volume sales through word of mouth," said Dr Tariq Mohammed, head of Tiny.

Each machine will be supplied with a one-year onsite warranty but no technical support; instead customers will have to purchase support packages as and when required.

Every computer will come bundled with a 60-day trial of Microsoft's Office, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and IE. Customers who decide to purchase the Office suite at the end of that period will be offered a special Tiny.com rate of just over £100.

Supanet will be set as the default ISP on all machines but customers are free to switch to any other provider by simply downloading software on the group's website.

All manufacturing will be done at Time's plant in Lancashire, which is capable of producing two million machines per year.

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