At a time when desktop PC sales continue to be slow, computer manufacturer Time today added two new computer brands to its range in a bid to increase custom.

Time, which bought out rival computer maker Tiny earlier this year, currently has its own and Tiny's remaining stock for sale on its shelves.

But from mid-August it will offer customers two new brands, Platina and Colossus, which will only be available from The Computer World stores.

"The machines will be assembled by VMT the company that makes both the Time and Tiny brand machines," said Time spokesman Colin Middlesmiss. "Colossus and Platina are new brands, with different attributes for different consumers."

"The market for PCs has changed and there is no longer a first-time buyer boom. We have to make different PCs for the different types of consumer that are now in the market," said Middlemiss.

The Colossus range will feature low price PCs, which can be easily upgraded with new components and peripherals, costing from £399. The 1600 CD-R model features a powerful AMD Athlon XP1600+ processor, 256MB of RAM and CD-RW and DVD-ROM drives for £599.

The Platina range will offer cutting-edge technology to people 'who want the best'. For example, the Platina 410 (pictured) will equipped with an XP2200+ processor and a 15.1in TFT screen for £1,299.

Time is not worried about customers preferring to buy recognisable brandnames and believes they are more interested in quality and price.

"In time, new brands will become as well known as Time or Tiny and the reassurance will come from the fact that they are sold by Computer World, a high street expert that knows what its talking about when it comes to PCs," said Middlemiss.

Whereas Time and Tiny traditionally focused on attracting first-time buyers, the new brands will be targeted at second-time buyers (Colossus) and more experienced users (Platina).

But, customers wishing to get a cutprice deal by buying from The Computer World’s online store will have to wait a while — despite throwing money into rebranding with new high street stores and new product lines, Time apparently hasn't had (ahem) time since acquiring Tiny to sort out a web shopping service.