Those of us without kids have no doubt heard all about the difficulties of choosing baby names - and it's not surprising that some have even resorted to Google to name their kids. But while we mightn't be expertly qualified to judge in this area, surely it's not so difficult to find a suitable name that you'd call your poor, defenceless child after an operating system that we at PC Advisor are still pulling our hair out over (those that have some left, anyway) after it last week screwed up one of our PCs?

Because that is exactly what has happened here. According to the Windows Vista Official Magazine (and thanks to forum member anskyber for bringing this to our attention), chav trends have finally been stretched a little too far. Only a few months ago, barmy parents were branding their kids Beyonce, Justin and Alesha. And now it's Vista Avalon.

It sounds quite pretty, we must admit, but yes - that is Vista after Windows Vista, Microsoft's latest operating system, and Avalon after the Windows Presentation Foundation codename. Vista Avalon Simser, daughter of Microsoft MVP for MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) Bill Simser, was born on 18 May 2007 according to Simser's blog.

But before you have a giggle, Bill has good reason:

  • "Her blog will contain the largest number of search hits with people looking for information about Vista
  • She has her very own carrying case (a laptop bag) and other personalised 'logoware', most of which I can buy from the Microsoft store or any geek conference for the next 10 years
  • She'll be the only one at her school with a service pack (or two, or three...) named after her
  • If she's hot (and she will be) boys will make many crazy jokes about "starting her up" and "rebooting her", to which I will pummel them upside the head with an XPS laptop that I'll carry around to 'interview' any potential suitors

"Bottom line, we think it's a pretty name and it's hers for life. We like it, and she's our daughter not yours so deal" he wrote in his blog.

As forum member KateB points out, "OSes have been named after people... Linux is named after Linus Torvalds; and the Debian distro is named after its developer Ian Murdock and his wife Debra." But we're going with Si_L: "That's just not fair on her, her parents didn't give her a chance in life. What happens when she needs to start driving? She's just going to crash every 10 minutes."